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Criminal Defense Information

Criminal laws are very strict, and they may carry harsh penalties for people who violate them. If convicted of a criminal offense, punishments include imprisonment, monetary fines, and extended probation terms. A criminal conviction can limit your housing, education, employment opportunities and may even impact your ability to own a firearm or work in certain professions. A sex crime conviction may result in mandatory sex offender registration for life.

A misdemeanor is a crime punishable by up to 12 months in county jail. A felony is punishable by a minimum of over a 1 year in state prison. Strikes may be punishable by up to life imprisonment or even the death penalty in extreme cases.

It is critical even in the early stages of a police investigation to retain a skilled criminal defense attorney. Find a lawyer, who can handle both federal and state criminal charges. For drug charges make sure the attorney has experience in matters involving possession, trafficking, or sales of controlled substances. Your representation should be committed to preserving your rights and providing valuable legal representation. Clients should obtain prompt communication, knowledge, attention, and guidance from their attorney.

City Arrest Information

All types of criminal cases, including minor infractions and misdemeanors such as, drunk driving (DWI/DUI), domestic violence, assault, drug possession, and the most serious felony indictments such as narcotics sales, theft and grand larceny, white-collar fraud, and embezzlement go through a city court. Click on the city of your court for more information.

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